How to get more visitors and a better search engine ranking for your website

Getting more visitors to your website or blog.

Do you have websites that don’t get as many visitors as they deserve?
Would you like to learn how to get more people visiting your websites?
Wanna know how to make people come back to your website again and again?
Would you like to rank higher in Google search results?

Words You Need To Know:

SEO: Not technically a word, but it is almost used as one. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in most cases probably means ‘ranking in google’. So if I said ‘I am improving the SEO on my latest website then I am optimizing it for a good ranking in google.
URL: Don’t worry about what this stands for. It refers to our link. So if I am an owner of then my URL is

1. Add your key phrase to your web site titles

Each website has a H1 tag to page titles. This basically means the text is bigger and holds more weight as far as google is concerned because it is a Page Headline. So put your main keyphrase or words in your page titles. Make them fit nicely, and do it naturally with CSS.

2. Add your keyphrase as your primary tag

Your Primary Tag can be quite powerful.
Short Story: You should add your main keyphrase as your Primary tag!

3. Go small! (Long tail keywords)

What would you rather:
a. Rank in the top 3 in Google for *Exploding Puzzle Alarm Clock*.
b. Rank in the top 100 in Google for *Alarm Clock*

…is that your final answer?

If you said b, you lose!

This is for a few reasons:

1. The people searching for *alarm clock* will never see you in the search results.
2. The people searching for *alarm clock* aren’t BUYERS. They don’t know what they want.
3. The people searching for *Exploding Puzzle Alarm Clock* know EXACTLY what they want.
4. The people searching for *Exploding Puzzle Alarm Clock* will see your link.

Go small, and you will rank well and make sales. Go large and non-specific and you will be doomed to chasing scraps of visitors with their credit cards lodged firmly in their wallets.

4. Links links links

Link to your website is lots of places

When Google determines where in the search results to rank you (1st or… 100001st!) one of the main factors they take into account is how many links there are pointing to your website.

When a website links to your website Google sees that as a ‘vote’. There is a website willing to ‘vote’ for yours by linking to it. There are 2 key parts to this. The first: The more trusted the website linking to your website is, the more valuable that vote will be.

For example: A link to your website from the homepage of the BBC will be weighted far more heavily than a link to your web site from your myspace profile. The quality of an ‘incoming link’ is important.

But there is nothing at all wrong with the myspace profile link. All links help. In fact, the second key part to all this is quantity.

All other things being equal, if you and I both make a website about the same thing and your website gets linked to from 100 different places and mine only gets linked to from 10 different places… you win. Google would see your website as more important than mine. So it would show it higher up the search results.

Quality AND Quantity of the ‘incoming links’ matter.

So get to work!

Srinivas Katam

Do you need help growing your business? Srinivas Katam is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant with over 200 successful SEO and Social Media client engagements completed. I’ve worked with brands across the world as a digital marketing consultant to deliver revenue growth from content-focused inbound marketing campaigns. He is an Innovative Marketer who specializes in digital marketing, specifically in social media, SEO and online strategy.

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