Web Analytics: Real time Site Personalization

What is Personyze?

Analyze + Personalize = Personyze

What does Personyze do?

Personyze is a suite of tools with a focus on advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities suitable for any website. Personyze enhances visitor experience, improves advertising ROI, and increases average order values.

Personyze Key features:

  • Codeless Personalization & Quick Setup
  • Facebook Segmentation & Actions. 50+ metrics out of the box (including Facebook social data)
  • Add “custom event” tracking without changing the site’s code
  • Advanced custom reports capabilities
  • Quickly create advanced segments
  • Link each segment with many personalization actions without changing a single line of code
  • Test which personalization actions achieve the best results for each segment
  • AdWords integration allows optimizing PPC campaigns per segment
  • Offline tracking – measure effectiveness of campaigns resulting in offline sales.
  • Heal time website statistics
  • Event tracking
  • 3rd party integration

Analyzer: A Comprehensive & Flexible Web Tracking & Reporting Tool

The Analyzer is a real-time web analysis tool that offers comprehensive tracking & viewing of all critical business data at the visitor level.

Profiler: The Profiler and its built-in action generator are unique & powerful components of the personyze suite.

Optimizer: Test what works best for different segments. Unlike other A/B Split and Multivariate testing platforms

Facebook Integration: Trackign and personalization. Personyze helps you efficiently draw visitors to your website and increase goals by taking advantage of your visitor’s social networking

About the company: http://www.personyze.com

Personyze was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in web analysis and advertising who realized that websites should be able to offer their visitors an experience that is significantly more personal and relevant to their needs.

The aim was to allow website operators to create sites that optimize the user experience and as a result increase conversions and advertising ROI.

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