Announcing Google Commerce Search 2.0

As we just announced, today we’re launching Google Commerce Search 2.0 for retailers in the US and UK. The new version of Google Commerce Search gives merchants greater control and a higher ROI – not to mention a better experience online for shoppers.

Google Commerce Search, initially launched just seven months ago, is an enterprise-grade website search solution hosted in Google’s cloud and designed for specific retail needs like parametric sorting and fast search result loading. This second release includes a number of improvements:
More merchant customization: Today we’re launching a full merchandising dashboard, giving merchants more control over promotions, ranking rules and filtering – with no custom code so marketers and product merchandisers can do all of this themselves. New intuitive retailer controls like time-based promotions, full left-hand panel facet control and simple product ranking rules mean seasonal optimization on the fly.
Unparalleled shopper experience: With query autocompletion, retailers can offer common queries to shoppers in real time, as they type, without any custom coding. Search quality improvements make GCS faster and more relevant than before. Because it’s hosted in the Google cloud, search results are returned to shoppers in less than a second. Spelling and stemming dictionaries and new custom synonyms mean that shopping on a retail site can be as easy and accurate as searching on
Better browsing and navigation: Though more and more shoppers are turning directly to the search bar on retail sites when they’re looking to make a purchase, some people will always prefer to navigate through different categories and discover new products. Now, Google Commerce Search allows visitors to shop by browsing around your site as well as searching directly for products.
To learn more about how improving the website search tool can increase conversions and sales, be sure to sign up for an upcoming webinar on June 23rd. If you’re unable to make it, you can learn more and request a demo at

Posted by Tianyu Wen and Abhishek Rajgarhia, the Google Commerce Search Team

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