How to getting your site indexed in google within 24 Hours

How to getting your site indexed in google within 24 Hours

One thing you will need to do when you create a new website is to get your website indexed with Google.  Getting new sites indexed on google can be very difficult and hard if you don’t know what you’re doing and unfortunately it’s impossible for a website to succeed on the Internet without dominating search engines. Dominating search engines is difficult to do but getting indexed is very easy and can be easily achieved in less than 24 hours. Below I have written and article for getting your site indexed in google in less than 24 hours.

·         Submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools. By doing this you can see what Google’s view of your website is. You can tell if you website is already indexed, if there is problems with your website, and help you diagnose any problems you may have.

·         Another thing you want to do is submit your domain name to Google –

·         You can also add your website to web directories such as

·         You can also go to this page and than submit your domain name and it sometimes help with getting your website indexed

Submit your sitemap to google webmaster tools

Submitting your sitemap to google webmasters tools will inform search engines about all the blog posts and links on your blog available to be crawled by search engines. As well as google webmaster tools to get your site indexed it can keep you up to date with any issues with your site and how to fix them. Also it can show you every link to your site and what anchor text they are using to link to your site. To submit your site to google webmaster tools you can use this form here google webmaster tools


Post comments on blogs in your niche
Posting a few comments on blogs related to the same subject as yours will provided great quality backlinks. Make Sure to leave a link to your blog on the comment you make and also make sure the blog is a do-follow blog (Do-follow blog directory). Make sure you contribute something to the blog when you comment and don’t just spam a blog doing this.


Ping-0-Matic is a great tool for bloggers which enables them to ping weblogs and feed burners telling them there site has either been launched or has recently been updated. I would recommend using this tool to any new blogger! Here’s there website address ping-o-matic

Submit your RSS Feed to RSS directories


Submitting your rss feed to rss feed directories will also gain you some quality backlinks to your blog. As well as bringing you some quality backlinks it can provide small amounts of traffic and revenue for your blog. There are several rss feed directories and sites, I would recommend you should submit your blog to this site feedage. You will need to register on the site but its free and once you have submitted your feed it will give your site a cool rating badge!


Forum Posting


Forum posting can be a very successful way to getting your site indexed quickly. I generally find 5 forums related to my niche and make 5-10 quality forum posts on each forum with a link to my site in my signature. This can provide you with a little amount of traffic depending on the activity of the forum and it can also provide you with some good quality backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is very powerful tool that bloggers have at their expense, social bookmarking is a very easy way to get back links and traffic to our site. You can use sites such as, sumbleupon,, mixx & reddit to get powerful back links to your blog. You will need to register on them but its free and you don’t get any spam. Hitting the front page of any of the popular social bookmarking sites can drive thousands of visitors to your site each hour.


Link Building


Link building can be in the form of anything that means building links to your blog. The only thing i cant emphasize enough on at this point is for you not get spam sites linking to your site. Google and other major search engines can penalise you for getting links from spam sites such as illegal sites, warez sites and other 18+ sites. I would recommend for you to make a video of your site showing users good featured of your site and then submit to YouTube. Make sure you place a link in the video description and this can drive lots of visitors to your site.

Directory submissions

Directory submissions used to dominate the SEO world but now they don’t have as much significance as they used to, but still Directory submissions are a great way to get easy and fast backlinks to your sites. Some directories you will have to pay to be included in but the majority are free and often have a high Page Rank, make sure you have wrote a brief 200 character description of your site so you can copy paste your site details into the directory submission forms. I would only recommend you submit your site to around 10 directories each day otherwise it will look unnatural and you may be penalised for gaining to many inbound links at once. (I will be putting together a list of around 100 PR3+ directories in the next few days so remember to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss it!)

 Article Directories


Article directories are a very easy way to gain some quality inbound backlinks to your site, the only issue with article directories is the time it takes to write a quality article to submit to them! It is worth it though, 1 quality article could provide you with 1000+ backlinks to your site. The best article directory on the web is Ezine Articles. Submitting an article to Ezine Articles is free and will provide you with some very high PR backlinks and a lot of traffic. A Successful article can drive around 500+ UV each day for some time, Article directories can sometimes take a while to get your article approved on so I would just use this method to get indexed in under 24 hours.


1 Way link building


One Way link building is a very challenging and difficult process. If your new to being a blogger then I wouldn’t recommend this step for you as It can often take more than 24 hours. I would recommend for you to use squidoo & hubpages to get quality 1 way links to your blog. Create a lens or hub about an issue related to your blog then when ever you can post a back link to your blog then does it! I would recommend placing around 3-4 backlinks per each squidoo lens and hub pages you create. Here’s a brilliant site teaching you how to promote squidoo lens.


Create a one page Blogger or WordPress blog and link it to your site: this is very easy to do. Signup for either (or both services) and create a short 1-page review or explanation for your main site linking to it. Search engines love Blogger and WordPress blogs and will follow the links to your site

Hopefully these few techniques I have shared with you will help you get indexed a little bit faster and then you can get the traffic you really wanted. I wish you good luck getting indexed in Google and if you need any help or advice feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips and advice.

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