Orkut – Bringing world close yet so far

I’m updating my blog after long time. I neither had time nor any topics to write about. Initially i used to blog since most of my friends had one and it was kinda race against them, or probably moving along with them in this fast moving time and world. But now its more for me, i just couldn’t share few things to my friends but had to vent out few things from my head so thought this would be a better platform. Since most of the people who regularly visit my blog know that i’m busy and maybe won’t turn here for a good long time.

They say world is round, very true with the invention of Internet it has not only made round but also small. So if someone is hooked on to Internet then you are sure to find them the only thing that will differ is the time. Google as ever comes out with very great things and one of which is Orkut. I would have joined it much later, but thanks to Venkatesh dubala and Shashidhar Bejjenki i joined this next thing called Orkut. I know most of you reading this would be having an account on Orkut, and probably many a friends too, well that’s what it was meant to be, a social networking site.

Initially it was just another site, but things changed when i stared to get new friends, even some of the long lost friends of my school days and this went on to change my life to a great extent. It was not only chatting online but also meeting them offline, face to face, know them through meets and treks. This even happens today but i just can’t find time to join them due to my concentration towards my career. While there were none to chat i started to explore orkut. It was really fun to go through scrap books of others (I know its not ethical but you have agreed to keep your information’s open for public), knowing things which only very few were aware of, sharing these findings with my newly found friends. Even today i did the same thing, while searching for someone, hoping that he had joined orkut i came across one of my friend who had left orkut quite a long time ago and didn’t really had contact for a long time, even though staying in the same city. More shocked was i to find my friend committed, well its a good news. So it was again the desire to unearth few more hidden secrets and after going through scraps of many a people i could pin point it to the person with whom my friend was committed. The most startling was to find that it was none other than one of my friends (and the least expected one) and was in the same circle and known for a long time. I’m excited and happy for them but only thing remains that when it is disclosed to the other people. I’m sure the people who are in touch with them would know about it. So till the beans are not spilled (even i’m not too sure of it, and since they happen to be my close friends its may go the other way if it were not true) by them, i’ll rather keep my mouth shut.

Just like waves come and go in the ocean, friends have come and are going away, the only thing i don’t know is how far they have reached.
I don’t know if i’ll ever continue this hobby of mine but till (i unearth some more findings) then have a nice time.


Srinivas Katam

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