How to optimize your contact page for better conversions

Providing your potential buyers with simple and various ways to get in touch with you is the most understandable way to improve your conversion rate.

How to improve your contact page?

Here are a few ideas…

  • Add your full business address and a phone number
  • Provide “Real World” Contact Details
  • Increase Trust with a Personalized Appearance
  • Reassure People with Introductory Text
  • Fewer form fields = greater conversion
  • Make your form fields big, friendly and enticing to fill in.
  • Use the Right Color for CTA
  • Include a Privacy Notice
  • Don’t Lose Your Users with Maps
  • Don’t make unnecessary information a requisite for somebody to use your form. Is it absolutely necessary to insist upon having someone’s phone number? Many people won’t be comfortable giving out a telephone number.
  • Only collect the information you need. The more information you request, the more cumbersome your form becomes to use and the greater that a prospect will bail. Nobody really likes filling in forms, the web is no different.So ask whether you really need to know somebody’s surname, job title, country, company name, before asking for all of this. You can always ask for this stuff later, should it be necessary!
  • DO NOT use a “Reset” button. If somebody clicks this by mistakes rather than “Send” are they really going to bother to re-type everything.
  • Do send people to a confirmation once they’ve sent your message and reassure people that the message has actually been sent. Don’t refresh the page, and don’t automatically redirect people back to the home page. A confirmation will also mean you can track and record enquiry goals in Google Analytics!
  • My advice, test your forms constantly. The word “submit” is such a negative word. Who wants to “submit” to anything. I’d rather “Send” or “Send Email”. Actually, “Click Here” and “Go” have the best conversion rates.
  • Schema Tags



Everything you see above can be done in less than one day. Put your clients aside for one morning, meet with your developer and get it done.

If you have anything to add please comment below. I’d love to hear more ideas

Srinivas Katam

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