Digital marketing tools and techniques to help grow your business in 2015

The last 12 months have yielded a tapestry of highs and lows that have set the tone for 2015, changed the landscape of the technology business.
Several of the trends in digital marketing involve marketers applying new services, platforms and software to plan, manage and optimize their marketing, so in this part of the post I take a look at the technologies that I think will increase digital marketing in 2014.
Content Citation Tools: micro and visual content giving the highest impact, tools to manage the creation and publication of this content from different sources become important to fuel the content marketing machine.
Examples of content citation tools include:
• Percolate
• Curata
• Kapost

Content Recommendation, Re-targeting, Personalization and Effectiveness Review Tools
Even if you have won the fight to create great content, web site managers still have the challenge of connecting audiences with the most important content. Dynamic recommendations of the most important content for a visitor can support here.
Web site personalization technologies have been used for a long time for targeting products and offers to visitors to customer sites, but these have not been used so widely outside the Ecommerce setting. New tools make this possible.

Examples include:
• idio (B2B and B2C content recommendations)
• Barilliance (Ecommerce content and offer personalization)
• Demandbase (B2B)
• Monetate (Ecommerce)
• Evergage (B2B and B2C)

Content distribution services
At this point content distribution way organic and paid sharing via social networks. The tools featured here focus on organic distribution
• Hootsuite
• Oktopost
• Sendible

There are amazingly few tools to help advertise or remarket across social media networks. AdRoll is one of the best known featuring remarking via Facebook, Twitter, plus mobile and media sites. Do you have other recommendations in this area?

Integrated SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Management
The tools I recommend here originated as SEO told for reviewing keywords and back links, but are now expanding into social media and content management. They’re also featuring more management tools and workflow for multiple people in a tool. Analytics SEO is a leader in this area.

Examples include:
• Moz
• Raven Tools
• Analytics SEO

API service integration
APIs are integrations connecting different platforms. They are a key concern in any type of tool you buy here. No examples of tools in this section, rather efforts made by platform vendors to integrate other services to add value to their own tools. CRM services are mainly strong at this as are analytics tools such Adobe Analytics (formerly in Omniture).
• Act-On
• Marketo

User Engagement and value optimization
Most businesses use a analytics services to track visitors to their site, with Google Analytics most popular as a free, but very powerful service. Their limitation is that most data is shown in collective for different segments. They’re not considered for understanding individual user behavior, repeat behavior by groups of customers (e.g. cohort, RFM and lifetime value analysis) or behavior across devices (although Google’s latest Universal analytics makes progress in this area).
• Kissmetrics
• Mixpanel (Mobile focus plus web)
• Ecommera (Ecommerce)
• Chartbeat (Publisher focus)

Intelligent analytics and Actionable Analytics
Google Analytics and the other web analytics services mentioned above have another restriction. They require a high-quality arrangement of experience to know HOW to apply the data they present. Users have to know the right questions to ask, how to customize the tool for their business, e.g. to show goals, find the right reports and then interpret highly complex multidimensional reports. Only skilled analysts can really mine actionable insight. Tools that present data more clearly to beginner and management users and integrate action can help here. Google hasn’t evolved its Intelligence service, but new tools are becoming available including a new dashboard and recommendations service that will launch from Smart Insights.
• Google Analytics Intelligence and Alerts
• Quill Engage
• Smart Insights

From Conversion Optimization to Experience Optimization
We are long-time advocates of structured AB and multivariate testing at Smart Insights. But these tools tend to focus on single pages in the journey rather than overall customer journeys, but they have increased hugely in their ease of setup and use recently. Tools that support analysis across customer journeys and channels are evolving:

Most popular AB testing tools
• Optimizely
• Unbounce
• Visual Website Optimizer

Customer Journey Tools
• Adobe Customer Experience Manager
• EPiServer
• Sitecore

Srinivas Katam

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