7 Steps to Writing a Great Location-Based Article:

Location-Based Article Template

This article template is all about location, location, location.
Each of us has knowledge and experiences to share from the places we’ve grown up in, lived in and travelled to, but we may not really think of the locations as sources of article inspiration.

In fact, sharing location-specific details about places you are familiar with is a great way to write relevant content and build your credibility as an Expert Author.

Whether you’re giving a travel recommendation, sharing a perspective on cultural values or providing an insight on local/regional laws, location-specific articles can give new life to your writing. For example, it can be fun to put a spotlight on specific restaurants, shops or attractions that you feel are essential to living “like a local.”

This article template is a guide for embracing the local expert in you.

7 Steps to Writing a Great Location-Based Article:

Pick a Topic and Location – Meaningful location-based articles give readers a perspective on how one location’s environment is different from another. One way to ensure your content is meaningful is to narrow your topic down and don’t be afraid to get specific with details.

Write a Relevant Title – Make your title keyword rich and focused on exactly what the article will be about. For example, in the Travel and Leisure category, “5 Fun Things To Do In California” would be an okay title. A better and more meaningful title would be “5 Adventurous Activities To Do In San Francisco.”

Add a One-Paragraph Introduction – Provide a general outline of the topic and location being discussed.

Explain How The Location Is Special – Think about how the location’s characteristics make it stand out compared to other locations. If you’re giving a travel recommendation, for example, you could discuss how things like the weather, the people and specific places make the travel destination unique.

Compare the Environment With Other Locations – This may be best displayed in a list. List exactly how your niche environment is different from other places. For more information on how to enrich your article with local content, check out this previous Blog post: Spicing Up Articles With Local Flavor.

Back Up Details – Personal insights can make your location-specific articles more meaningful for readers. Be honest with them. If you’ve experienced something personally, your feedback can really help.

Summarize and Conclude – Recap the main points that you shared and why they are important.
Now that you have the goods on what to include in your locale specific article, here is a tip on what you want to avoid when writing these article types:

Don’t include the location in the title and omit it from the article body. Be sure your article body content delivers on the promise made in the title and your reader is getting what they came looking for. Delivering on the promise of the location in the title means that your article should substantially deliver the relevance of that location. Ask yourself why the location is relevant, why it matters, and what benefit will it serve your reader.

ACID TEST: If your location can be replaced with another location and it still reads right, you missed something on the delivery.

If you’re looking for more article templates like this one, you can check out our archive of article templates.

Use this template today to write your next set of high-quality, original articles for more traffic back to your website or blog. Then come back here and leave a comment to let us know how it worked for you.

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