Google Testing Full-Featured Google Apps

Users of Google Apps is a step towards the full Google-personality this week, as the company sent invitations to select users to test a version of Google Apps, which includes all the regular features of Google users receive, including Google AdWords voice.

Google Apps allows companies and anyone who owns a domain to a power of Google email system and give employees online services to share in productivity. It’s free for up to fifty employees, without support, or $ 50 per person for support and uptime promises. The idea is to cut into Microsoft’s dominance in business software for the underestimation of its software business and attract more traffic to Google properties.

Although many paying Google for the service, users of applications have been in the back of the line when it comes to getting new features, and some Google services like photo hosting service Picasa are not included.

More recently, application users were left out of a new feature that lets users of Gmail and make and receive voice calls directly from the Gmail interface, which immediately began demanding user applications. However, priority of the Inbox, another new feature, will be extended to all Gmail users and applications alike this week.

In May, Google said it is working to improve their application infrastructure for users, and is now asking some Apps users – known as the Trusted Tester – to help test the infrastructure, according to an email seen by

Potential testers are asked to fill out a request form to allow them to “test this functionality with a subset of users of Google Apps.”

The entire roll out is expected later this year, the addition of Blogger, Reader, Picasa AdWords and include the accounts of Google Apps.

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