Facebook Places Competes With Google Places and Foursquare

Facebook is rolling back to Google and has launched a service that competes directly with Google Sites Foursquare and which places have been called Facebook. This function uses Bing maps to pinpoint your location and let your Facebook friends in the neighborhood and knows where the time to update, click on your mobile phone.

And in the typical way to Facebook – unless you change your privacy settings will also allow your friends check in for you. This definitely could have problems if your boss is an update that is in the mall, when called in sick with the flu that morning. This is just one of many what if you should consider when deciding whether to change the privacy settings.

 As it stands now, Facebook has also set automatically to allow friends and people in your area to see its location. Again, this could become a cause unnecessary stress in your life if you are not careful. So if you want to adjust the privacy settings, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account.
  2. Go to Privacy Settings.

Go to the Custom Option and then click customize.

  • Edit your options for Places I check into. If you don’t want anyone else to be able to update your location choose me.
  • Disable the option for Include me in People Here Now after I check.
  • The picture above shows the default settings of your account if you do nothing. I am sure that with all the attacks on Facebook has been receiving these days about the privacy of your public relations team is ready to combat any negative press. Here is the message that is set to the top of your privacy settings page:

    Get the Facts about Places
    There is a false rumor that Facebook shares your location without your knowledge or consent. You control your information on Facebook. With Places, you choose when to share your location by checking in or allowing friends to check you in. Your location is never given to anyone automatically.
    Learn more about Places.

    As Foursquare, Facebook places can be fun and useful if you are looking for the best of you and hoping to find anyone in particular. Of course, it is likely that when you are looking for anyone interesting will be seen in your area. Then there are the days that your friend is sweet enough for entry and has not brushed her hair or teeth.

    Facebook places is a step towards integration of social media in their daily lives.

    Srinivas Katam

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