Google to Hollywood: Lets Do Pay-Per-View Movies This Year

Google would be in advanced talks with major Hollywood studios to launch streaming site pay-per-view movie rentals in late 2010.

The site would be part of or connected to YouTube (YouTube) and Google (Google) use its massive search and empires video to direct new users to this new service, helping to support toe-to-toe Apple and other competitors in the space.

According to unnamed sources cited by The Financial Times, including an executive with knowledge of the agreement, the talks have been held for months but have recently increased. The great revelation here is not that Google wants to start this service – we have known for a long time – but reports that studies are increasingly passionate, so much so that the service is expected to go on light at the end of the year.

Many fans and bloggers believe that Apple will release a new version of Apple TV platform at an event this week, so the pressure is on Google to show the world what is the planning as soon as possible. The history of the Financial Times said that the Google service will be available first in the United States but other countries will be added later.

It also says the rental cost $ 5 – significantly more than the rent on iTunes (iTunes) or Amazon Video on Demand. We find that number hard to believe, to be honest. Google is not likely that the price of their services is also high compared to competitors who typically charge between two and four dollars for a lease.

Google began testing actually renting out videos on YouTube a few months ago. Their first public test involving a handful of independent films of Sundance Film Festival. The reports were that the trial was not financially successful, but Google does, however, extended its services to include a much larger base and more mainstream titles. Still not a real competitor for iTunes or Amazon Video on Demand.

These launches in early May have been for testing purposes, however, and Google does not actually sell with links and promotions YouTube search such as The Financial Times describes. One of the executives in The Financial Times said he spoke with “They’ve talked about how many people would lead to this … It’s a huge number.”

That probably will be true as long as Google makes its search promotions the right way, and if you have compelling content, services and prices.

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