Structuring Webpages for Good Basic SEO.Source Code Tags

Structuring Webpages for Good Basic SEO… Source Code Tags

The most important point when creating a webpage for SEO… it must read well and first and foremost be aimed at the reader and NOT the search engine.

Remember always that you are trying to sell somebody something. What’s the point of being number 1 page 1 if the page is garbage or stuffed with keywords? … This was the old way of doing SEO and it worked but that was a long time ago now.

What is Best Software for Creating Websites

I am often asked what is the best program to use for creating web pages. All I can say is that the only systems I personally have ever used and still do is Microsoft’s Front Page or its replacement called Expression Web and WordPress. When a shopping cart is required I add the shopping (3rd party software) to my basic website. I don’t create a separate site for shopping purposes. I’ve also got about 7 WordPress sites but for me I think I prefer to use a basic HTML editor such as Expression Web to a content system like WordPress for two main reasons… I have more control over linking than is possible using standard WordPress themes, and it’s easier to SEO a non-Wordpress site.

Take note that I mentioned web pages above… Google ranks web pages not websites! As far as Google is concerned every web page is different.

The Title Tag

When you go into a library or book shop you look at the title of the book before delving into it.

Same with Google. The title of a web page is a vitally important factor. The title tells Google what the page content is probably about. Without a title Google is in the dark.

So What’s the Title of a Web Page and Other Meta Tags?

Go to any web page and look very top left corner and that’s where you’ll see the title for that webpage if you use IE or Firefox. If you use Google Chrome browser then you need to view the source code.

The fact is if the title for a web page is badly constructed then your chances of getting a high ranking for that page has been destroyed.

Most websites I’ve ever seen in South Africa have poor titles and in some cases no title at all.

The content for the title cannot be entered in a WYSIWYG interface. You have to go into the source code (right click on any web page to view the source code) of a web page you’re creating and literally type the title between the title tag as shown below. Take a glance at this title and you can immediately see what this web page is about.

<title>The Vuvuzela Horn, South African Icon. Vuvuzelas in Bulk?</title>

When you do a search on Google the title is shown as the top line of the search result as follows. Google pulls this information from the content between <title> and </title>

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