AdWords Academy Beginner Online Training

Session 1: AdWords Academy Beginner Online Training

Dear Srinivas,

I sincerely hope you enjoyed our session today and have picked out at least a few of our tips for immediate
Implementation in your Google AdWords campaigns this week.

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During Session 2 we’ll cover:

Proper AdWords Account Set Up:
Creating a Campaign:
* Language and location targeting
– Targeting guidelines
– Excluding locations
– Making custom targeting
* Writing ad creatives
– Editorial policies
– Ad writing exercise
* Building a keyword list
– Best practices
* Match types
– Broad, phrase, & exact
– Negative keywords
* Setting bids and budgets
– Daily budget
– Minimum & Maximum bids
* Using the Traffic Estimator

Editing Campaign Settings:
* Basic settings
– Setting start and end dates
* Budget options
– Delivery methods + Standard & Accelerated
* Networds and Bidding
– Choosing content or search
* Ad scheduling
– Multiplying bids
– Setting times of day that you want your ads to run
* Ad Serving
– Setting ads to “Optimize” or “Rotate”

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If you’d like to gain access to the video recordings of all three sessions (perhaps one you want to watch again or one you’ll miss)
after each live session has ended, then the AdWords Academy training All Access Pass is for you.
Read more about it at:

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Timothy Seward & The ROI Revolution Team

Srinivas Katam

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