Spotted Adam Lasnik on the 1st march 2009 in searchcamp2

 There was a SEO and SEM conference “SearchCamp 2009″ in Chennai on Feb 28-Mar 01 2009 at Tidel Park, arranged by Knowledge Foundations. As I am one among who attended the conference I would like to share my views on the happened there. The attendees includes entrepreneur, marketing people, paid search managers, SEM Agency people, In House SEO, In House SEM, Online Media planners etc.


Srinivas Katam discusses Google’s Adam Lasnik, Search Evangelist –

Post the tea session, Adam Lasnik from Google is here for the Q&A session for the audience. Many questions were shot towards Adam and he was just amazing in getting the audience flabbergasted by his answers and great explanations. Someone asked that why can’t we forget the page rank and concentrate on how to get top quality content up among the top content. One person asked Adam if Wiki is paying google for the top page rank as wiki always makes it to the top and Adam replied negative and said that wiki does correct stuff which would get their content on the top. They may be keeping flash out of the site, having original content, keeping the design simple. He also agreed that the regular site visitors love wiki but SEOs hate wiki. Topics like Role of LSI latent semantic indexing, Local listing of business, Custom Search Engine and the reason for inconsistency of SERP results were also discussed.

Before we parted for lunch, Adam had to share about his team and their willingness to support everyone who posts their queries to the Google webmasters’ forum.

‘I approached him, introduced myself as Srinivas katam from Hyderabad… he said hyderabad is a great place and I said yes. He told me he like very much Hyderabad Biryani.’

on the 1st march 2009 in searchcamp 2 at Tidel Park in Chennai.

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