Why is it really more difficult to build links to an e-commerce site?

Today, almost every webmaster knows the real value behind a link connecting to a commercial site is either avoided or nofollowed: alias “they have enough money either way”;
Internet store more often lack of “link” content (unless some store unique store of the hand or collection).
So what is the way (s)?

“Do what your competitors and just buy some links”
It has been said a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a link already. So to summarize:

You have full control of the anchor text link acquisition rates, bond investment, which links and site link about power (toolbar PR for future links).

If the webmaster sold a link to you, how do you know he was smart enough to sell link in the past and not to be taken by Google? How do you know that the site is not red flag? You can test (judging by his rank, other sites, it is to link, etc.) but can never be sure.

Try other traditional link building tactics:
promote the company / founders personal history (through press releases and bloggers);
sponsor non-profit organizations;
launch a green initiative, etc.
These tactics can only work if it is managed by a person and creation. So you’ll either need to outsource or rent (and educate) specialist.

You’ll need much time to experiment with different tactics that work in your niche. Copying your competitors similar techniques are not safe to work: you will invent a way to make it work.

Be creative: Start of a link bait:
launch a widget bait;
develop (and fun) online tools or Firefox addons;
create a viral video;
start a contest or a gift;

A link bait well executed (and social media bait) will be not only more links, but will increase brand awareness, promotion of mouth and attract new customers;

Link bait is difficult to plan and predict. Attention peak in May negative feedback from the public and spread. Google take the bait on the link is not clear: you never know how he can react to a sudden increase in backlinks.

Srinivas Katam

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