Google Launches Its Own Web Browser

Whether it’s Opera, Firefox, Safari, or even – and I’m feeling unclean as I say this – Internet Explorer, we all have our favourite web browsers but could our choices soon be about to change…

Search king Google has announced it is at long last getting into the web browser game and from nowhere will be launching its first ever web browser today. Dubbed ‘Chrome’ it sticks true to the company’s beliefs being an open source offering which Google describes as using components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox. It will also vitally integrate the brilliant Google Gears for offline working and a brand new JavaScript engine, ‘V8’, which it claims will “power the next generation of web applications that aren’t even possible in today’s browsers”.

Interestingly, Google says – just like its standard Google homepage – Chrome will be very streamlined and simple with a clean UI and a primary focus of being the fastest browser available. From this base users will then be encouraged to build add-ons, Firefox style, to add features and functionality in virtually limitless ways.


Another extremely clever aspect of Chrome is every tabbed window will run in a sandbox – ie (pardon the phrase) in complete isolation – meaning a crash in one window will only affect it not cause the whole browser to go down in a ball of flames. This method should also provide greater protection from rogue sites.

Chrome beta 1 will appear at an unspecified time today so check back here for updates with links and screenshots. In the meantime Google has posted a comic book ‘explaining’ the browser – we kid you not. Smirks aside however this could be one of the biggest developments in the browser market for a number of years and I’m guessing will even make it onto Android handsets before too long.

We’re psyched…

Update: The comic is actually amusing and informative (whodda thunk it?) so check it out.

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